30 Minute Shoes

Have you been waiting for me? My post? Am I late, again? Probably. If you have met me more than once then you already know I have a severe case of being tardy. From kindergarten days,  minutes from my house to arriving to an event downtown I am always late. No matter how early I … More 30 Minute Shoes


A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the Hendixroe Fashion show by the designer Jordan McKay at the newly opened “The Gates” venue space. Her show was attended by the most fashionable crowd in Toronto, bloggers/media and of course what’s a fashion show without an appearance by supermodel Stacy McKenzie. She opened the … More HENDRIXROE Fashion Show

Fuzzy Furry Fun

Fur. Fuzzy. Fun. That’s winter is all about! Okay well not really, it’s more like freezing cold days, snow storms and ridiculous amount of layers making you look inflated. But for this post, I incorporated all 3 F’s. This sweater is the fuzziest, softest, most perfect sweater I own. I wish I had it in … More Fuzzy Furry Fun

Icy Cool

    Warning! Grab your sunglasses because this jacket is quite blinding. Do you ever go shopping and see these outrageous pieces and wonder who would buy and wear this? Well that was my first impression of this Isaac Mizrahi jacket except it was so intriguing that I couldn’t let go of it. I wore it … More Icy Cool

WMCFW: Colorful Grays

Would you believe me if I said I changed my look 3 times during the day? Well its true. For any major event, especially fashion related, I started thinking of outfit ideas days in advance. Since I knew I was attending Toronto Fashion Week I was thinking about outfit ideas for days but didn’t put … More WMCFW: Colorful Grays

Cool kids

  “I wish that I could be like the cool kids”. So my look today has few different inspirations from the warmer than seasonal temperatures, back to school month and one of my favorite songs right now. We are lucky in Toronto as we are having a very warm and sunny week so I am … More Cool kids