IMG_3388 (2)A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the Hendixroe Fashion show by the designer Jordan McKay at the newly opened “The Gates” venue space. Her show was attended by the most fashionable crowd in Toronto, bloggers/media and of course what’s a fashion show without an appearance by supermodel Stacy McKenzie.

She opened the show with the most spectacular, breathtaking sequin gowns from minis to floor length, open back pieces that would look amazing on any red carpet, formal event. Her collection also consisted of a lot of outwear, fur pieces with embellishments that create a statement over any piece. My favorite pieces included matching shorts with hi-low cut blazers which looked great together but could also be worn separately.

I posted an album of all the looks and the event on Facebook.com/AlmostFashionable so be sure to check out all the amazing pieces! Don’t forget to Like my page while you’re there.

IMG_3353 (2) IMG_3354 (2) IMG_3375 (2) IMG_3376 (2)As for my outfit, I wanted to keep it very neutral and stick to black and greys. The weather is starting to warm up and I haven’t worn my ombre fur vest all fall/winter this year so I wanted to wear it at least once before we ditch the furs for tees & shorts.

IMG_3390 (2)model & blogger, Janna Niki IMG_3405 (2)bloggers, Menaka (the Passion Daisy) & Perrune

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