What is “Almost Fashionable”? At first thought many believe it is the lack of effort, styling and passion for clothing however it is the complete opposite. Every night I go to bed with thoughts and excitement for what I want to wear the next day, how to style each piece, the perfect shoes with a killer makeup combo that will make it a worthy look. I obsess over every aspect of the entire look and wear it proudly.

So why “almost”? Frankly I don’t relate well to the word” fashion or being Fashionable “because in my mind it merely means you are chasing after the new thing that season, and with the increase of fast fashion what is” Fashionable “that week. You run to the” new arrivals “rack at your local mall and mimic the mannequins.

Fashion is an industry that I work in and am proud of it but would never use those words to describe myself or anyone else for that matter. I prefer” style ” because it brings out your personal creativity and has no expiration date. It is the art of wearing pieces you have had for 5-10 years, bargain shopping and styling it in a way that sets you apart.

Japji, the editor of AlmostFashionable.com has created this website to unleash her creative side in forms of personal style, favorite beauty products, makeup looks and fashion inspirations as well to give our readers an insight to some amazing events held in Toronto.
For any further inquires and collaborations, please email me almostfashionable@gmail.com

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