Osia: SummerWorks Festival



Instasize_0808171934Instasize_0808171051Hope. Struggle. Dreams. Gossip. Affairs. Lies. Betrayal. Just a tiny glimpse of my past Friday night in Toronto. Could it get any more intriguing? The SummerWorks Festival in Toronto showcases a variety of plays held at the Factory Theater of up and coming talented playwrights in Toronto. On Friday evening I attended the opening night of Osia (oh-sh-ah) written by the incredibly talented Jijo Quayson- disclaimer: who is a good friend of mine however  bias aside this play was unbelievable. Osia looked at the struggle of a Ghanaian family looking to better their life and move to the USA. The play consisted of  traditional Ghana music, humor, drama, suspense and my favorite part – an ending that had me speechless. Just as I thought I figured out what happened…BAM!  the playwright turned the story around leaving you feeling even more intrigued and excited. I left the theatre in such excitement and thrill that was so unexpected. Most importantly I felt proud and impressed by the imagination, creativity and talent of Jijo’s writing skills. Not to mention all the amazing actors and team that together made an amazing show. The talent this city has is unreal, I genuinely felt starstruck meeting the actors afterwards. So opt out of the typical movie dates this week and check out a play instead! I promise it will be worth it.

PS posted my first Instagram story with this look! Check it out @almostfashionable

SummerWorks festival runs until August 14th and I highly recommend you check out Osia before it’s over!

Tickets & schedule available here 🙂  & Check out the Osia Facebook Page 




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