30 Minute Shoes




IMG_5105Have you been waiting for me? My post? Am I late, again? Probably. If you have met me more than once then you already know I have a severe case of being tardy. From kindergarten days,  minutes from my house to arriving to an event downtown I am always late. No matter how early I begin to get ready and how early I plan to be, it never seems to work in my favor however it has made me an expert of late excuses. My newest, most original excuse this summer- my shoes. I wish I was joking when I titled this post 30 minute shoes, but truth be told it took me this long to put on ONE shoe. These thigh high sandals were created to make a statement, spicing up your basic summer outfit but wow does it come with a price.

Step 1 – unzip (it doesn’t go all the way down, trapping your foot if not loosened enough)

Step 2- patiently loosen the laces from the very top with a lot of extra slack. Keep repeating until you can get your foot thru (I promise you will break a sweat) 

Step 3– once you can breathe you foot thru, zip it up

Step 4- start from the bottom and tightly  tie up the laces

There goes 30 minutes of your life and  now on to the next foot.

Luckily it loosens up and you become a pro after a wearing it a few times cutting down the time but hey, nobody said being fashionable was easy right ? Good thing I am Almost Fashionable. (HA)

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