Quo Summer Collection 2016



aye aye matey! Ships ahoy with Quo this summer. The Quo summer collection really set the tone this summer with their navy nautical design that has us dreaming being sun kissed on a boat in the Mediterranean…

Okay snap back to reality.

I received a few pieces of the Quo Summer 2016 limited-edition collection which included a wavey bronzer, navy blue liquid eyeliner, lip oil and eye shadow palettes. The packaging is so beautiful and let’s be honest that sweetens the deal with every makeup purchase.

The lip oil was that product that I kind of left aside and paid least attention to as I went through the package but now it is my favorite product of the bunch and has been added into my everyday routine. The lip oil comes in two shades which gives off a very light sheen and hydration to your lips. You can use this as a gloss to your lips but I really like this as a way to moisturize and prep my lips for lipstick, I wear it right after I have moisturized my face allowing it to keep from my lips from getting dry and chapped. What I also love using this oil for is at the end of the day, when your lips have been holding it down for you with liquid lipsticks all day that wont budge- apply this oil! This oil helps remove my liquid lipsticks off in one swipe without leaving any stains and then I add a little more to keep my lips moisturized all night. This was most definitely my favorite product of the bunch! (Lip oil- Set Sail, $12)


The Quo bronzer (Sunny Days, $22) sent waves of matte, shimmer and highlight all packages into one HUGE compact, seriously this is nearly the size of my face. Now as beautiful as the packaging is, the color payoff is very minimal from the three sets of colors especially on my skin tone. By swirling in all three waves it gave off a very light shimmer bronze look that could easily worn as an all over face glow and still look very natural.



With the navy nautical theme, it was only fitting the liquid eyeliner to be in navy as well. I usually wouldn’t gravitate towards a navy liner but I was very surprised how much I liked it. It allowed you to still have a strong liner and wing but took away the harshness and intensity of wearing black liner, it softened the look of your eyes and meshed well with lighter, summer eye shadow looks and I can only imagine how it would be even more radiant on someone with lighter coloured eyes. The packaging of the handle was thick with a short brush that allowed you to get close and very precise with your liner without it getting out of control. (Precision Liquid Eye Liner- In the Navy, $12)


Lastly was the eye shadow palettes which come in three different color schemes, Sea Sun Sand- a neutral brown theme, High Tide- a purple theme (both pictured above) and Lost at Sea- a blue, navy theme ($18). As a palette , each one had a good range of neutrals, lights and darker shades for a smoky look however I felt the lack of a solid, maybe even shimmery lid color. I would have love to see something in a light gold or silver to really brighten up your eye look. The darker colors of the palette were very pigmented and blend really well however the lighter, off white, beige shades were a bit chalky and didn’t add anything into the looks.

Pictured below are some looks using the High Tide & Sea Sun palette with the Navy precision eye liner.




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