Joe Fresh Beauty – Face Routine

Orange you glad Joe Fresh expanded into beauty? HA. Corny jokes aside, Joe Fresh came into the fashion industry with trendy, yet affordable pieces, always being the first to sell out at their Toronto Fashion Week shows  and their notable catchy commercials, and now you can finish your look with Joe Fresh makeup.

You can find Joe Fresh makeup coming around to various locations of Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix locations all across Canada and if you just walked by it, I am going to give you a few reasons you need to stop and give these products a second look. With everything priced under $18, it is a great bargain for your everyday makeup plus more, they carry every makeup product you could need.


So let’s start this in the order I used them. First up is their foundations which come in two different formulas- stick and liquid. I loved them both respectively for its own reasons however the downfall is the lack of color selection- as of now it only comes in 4 shades (Porcelain, Bisque, Sand and Almond) and let’s be honest our skin changes shades a few times a year so let’s hope with high demand they will increase the selection. I used the shade “Sand” which matched my skin but not the rest of my tanned body, but after 14 other steps of contouring, bronzing and highlighting it worked out perfectly.

I don’t think stick foundations are necessarily a trend or new to the market but they are definitely having their 15 minutes of fame right now and I am all for it. The Joe Fresh stick foundation has a very creamy texture, easy to apply and blended with ease with my damp beauty blender. It had amazing medium to full coverage with a matte finish. The only downfall to this foundation was that it gave me dry patches, mostly around my nose and a bit on my forehead. My skin type is fairly normal however if you have dry skin I would stay away from the stick and try out the liquid foundation instead.

The liquid foundation is pretty much the opposite of the stick. It has a more lightweight feel, minimal coverage- but buildable to a more medium coverage and leaves your skin with a very fresh, dewy glowy finish. This foundation is great if you have dry skin and looking for a more natural, luminous glow to your skin. I prefer to wear this on top of another more full coverage foundation (who only wears one foundation anyways).

On to the concealer, which again has very minimal color selection with only three shades  (light, light/medium and medium). The packaging clearly states is as a “spot concealer” but I obviously got a bit too excited and slabbed it all over my under eyes which was not ideal as it was creasing in my fine lines and very drying. This is a very thick, drying concealer and as the name suggests it is perfect for any imperfections you want to conceal, like any pimples or blemishes however I would stray away from delicate areas such as under your eyes.


Snack break. On to some baking? So now baking can be a bit extreme for everyday makeup for some people- not me but it is still important to set your under eyes and other areas of your face. Joe Fresh has come out with their CC Translucent Pressed Powder which has bits of colour-correcting pigments that evens out your skin tone making it a perfect setting powder. It is silky smooth, easy to apply, perfect for baking- you can swipe your damp beauty blender set your under eyes, clean up your contour and any other areas with ease without it creasing or drying out the area and kept my makeup in place all day.


On to my absolute favorite part of makeup – HIGHLIGHT! Joe Fresh has two powder highlights in Champagne and Luster. At first glance they look a bit more on the matte side in comparison to other highlights that are bursting of shimmer. When I first swatched it on my hand I felt it wasn’t going to give me a vibrant highlight however once I wore it on my face it gave a beautiful natural glow which of course you could build up to be bright as a light bulb. Champagne(left) has a more pinkish, starky glow whereas Luster(right) has a golden, peach glow. I assumed I would like Luster more however being so peach toned it blended into my skin naturally whereas Champagne gave a bright, vibrant highlight which I LOVED! I am absolutely in love with Champagne making it one of my go to’s in my everyday makeup routine.


Stay tuned as I review some of the eye, brow and lip products up next!

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