Joe Fresh Makeup Review – “Neutrals” eye palette & Matte lips







Joe Fresh makeup line has been so pleasantly surprising to me and I have been impressed with numerous of there products. I recently reviewed base products (foundation, concealer, pressed powder and highlight) so check that post out here.

The eye shadow palette in “Neutrals” is much more than your basic neutrals being filled with different shades of golds, silver, olive and navy shimmers paired with matte shades to help curate blended looks. At first glance, I was incredibly impressed with how aesthetically pleasing this palette is and I was so excited to try it. As I swatched it with my finger, it was very soft, creamy and seemed to be able to blend well and I was correct. Some of the shimmery shadows need to be packed on to really glow but overall I really liked this palette and the variety of looks you could create with it! PS it\s only $14 which I think is a steal for these variety of colors!

To complete the eyes looks I have been using the Joe Fresh liquid matte eye liner which has a super thin wand allowing you to get close to your lash line and create a precise wing. I still prefer to use my gel liner so I like this to help darken and intensify my liner.

I also used the Joe Fresh lash focus extending mascara which I LOVE! It has a really thick wand that fluffs your lashes, coats them evenly and creates a thicker, longer lash. This has become my favorite mascara the past few months, so much so I have put down my Smashbox Full Exposure mascara-and that says a lot! The only downside is due the huge wand, it’s a bit of a disaster for my lower lashes so I prefer a thinner wand but hey, who uses only one mascara anyways?


Raspberry                      – Fuschia –                           Sorbet

I also tested out the Joe Fresh Matte Lipsticks and boy am I glad I got to try out 3 different colors because all of them deserve their own review. I tried on Sorbet first, and as amazingly creamy and hydrating as the lipstick was, it just wasn’t matte-at all. Raspberry on the other hand was completely matte, still creamy and hydrating and oddly enough the finish of Fuschia was somewhere in the middle. As lipsticks I thought the color payoff was great, very creamy and not drying however it’s difficult to judge how matte these are since every color seemed to have a mind of it’s own. PS obsessed with the packaging which makes me every happier and they all had a soft vanilla-ish scent which I love.


All of these products are available at Shopper Drug Mart.

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