TOM*FW Looks: What’s Color?


The shows at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week ended just under two weeks ago, filled with lots of hugging, double kisses, strolling in the extremely freezing cold and running all day on an empty stomach, of course this incredibly fun week had me sick for a good week afterwards, hence the late post. (then spent the past week in Halifax) My week at TOM consisted of the opening night party (post here) and the 3 full days of shows.To see every single picture of the week, check out my Facebook Page HERE!

For someone who usually loves to wear color, I surprised myself when the 3 days of show outfits consisted of all neutrals, black and white. Take a look and let me know which one is your favorite! I definitely have mine.

IMG_3141 (2)

20150225_224841-1Day 1: The opening night party I kept my look very feminine with a skirt and high slit, so day one of shows followed the same suit and I kept it very feminine with a midi pencil skirt with a front slit, high heels, matching purse and redish pink lips. I went for a very simple, cotton muscle tank to keep it more casual so it didn’t give off a business woman going to a meeting vibe.

IMG_3203 (2)

IMG_3186 (2)Day 2: Probably my favorite outfit of the week. When I found this dress shirt piece it screamed menswear, making it a perfect look for Men’s Fashion Week. It is long, loose, so comfy with pockets making it so much fun to wear. Keeping on the menswear inspired feeling I opted out for any purses (my pockets were full of all my necessities) and added little accessories including a black watch by O Clock and a 3 tier gold necklace. I finished off the look with super dark lips and messy waves.

IMG_3239 (3)

IMG_3253 (2)

Day 3: The sad, final day. For the last day I had my eyes on this white, collared vest so I knew I had to incorporate this into the week but it took me a while to figure out how I wanted to style it. I really tried different ways to add color into this look with a shirt underneath, pants and heels but at the end the all black worked out the best. I guess sometimes the simplest things work out the best. I wore a tank top long enough to be a dress with faux leather tights and the same necklace and shoes from the day before because it just worked. There’s no shame in my game. I pulled my hair into a messy, tight pony tail to really keep the look clean and focused on the vest.

PS I am newly obsessed with lashes.


So there are all my looks from Toronto Men’s Fashion Week? Do you have a favorite? Share it in the comments below 🙂

To see every picture from the week from the parties, shows, fashion and all the beautiful people I met make sure to go check out my Facebook Page! (here)

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