Fuzzy Furry Fun

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Fur. Fuzzy. Fun. That’s winter is all about! Okay well not really, it’s more like freezing cold days, snow storms and ridiculous amount of layers making you look inflated. But for this post, I incorporated all 3 F’s. This sweater is the fuzziest, softest, most perfect sweater I own. I wish I had it in 6 different styles so I could just wear it every single day. I’m usually not an “dress in all black” type of girl so this is probably as close to that as I will get.

Rudsak (Montreal based) really understands Canadian weather better than most designers so there fall/winter collections are always spectacular and practical. These boots are so great for the cold and snowy days, made with leather and lined with fur on the top lining. They have the feel of winter combat boots which is a little out of my comfort zone but I am loving them more each time I wear them. Now to my favorite winter accessory, rabbit fur ear muffs! aaahh. They are so cute, soft, warm and every other amazing word you can think of. Even when it isn’t very cold I just love to wear them and stroke the soft fur. Not to mention they are incredibly large so they also play as noise cancelling earmuffs and that’s always a plus.

PS my hair is an oily mess but instead of just an ordinary bun or pony tail I wanted to have some fun with a high braid with the most neon rubber bands I have (they are the tightest and best ones I have) and hey my outfit needed that bit of color.

IMG_2999 (2)

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Sometimes I wear a jacket too.

Bomber Jacket: Aritzia | Sweater: Winners | Jeans: Rachel Roy Denim | Boots: Rudsak | Earmuffs: Rudsak 

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