Super Bowl Sunday, Team…

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IMG_2948 (2)Team Patriots? Team Seahawks? It’s the big day… Super Bowl Sunday! Whether you’re a football fan or not, everyone seems to get into the super bowl spirit and enjoys this day full of chicken wings, junk food, note worthy million dollar commercials, betting on every possible thing you can think of, the highly anticipated half time show and of course the football game! With all the controversy surrounded by the game this year it is sure to draw over 100 million viewers across the globe but what attracts me to the show this year is Katy Perry at the half time show! She is one of my favorite singers/celebrities out there, so while everyone else will be rocking Tom Brady jerseys you can find me in my Katy Perry concert tee. I got this from her Prismatic Tour last summer when she was in Toronto and it was such an amazing, magical night.

I have been loving really long cardigans, trench coats this season so I was excited to finally wear this long, flowy cardigan. To end of this look I put on my new boots from Montreal designer, Rudsak. I bought these a few months ago while I was in Montreal and have been awaiting for a cold, snowy day that I can finally wear them out!


IMG_2920 (2)Cardigan: Winners| Shirt: Katy Perry tour | Faux leather pants: Topshop | Boots: Rudsak | Earrings: Banana Republic |

IMG_2924 (2)


IMG_2925 (2)

IMG_2929 (2)  IMG_2931 (2)    IMG_2951 (2)


IMG_2962 (2)

IMG_2965 (2)

Who are you cheering for this Super Bowl? Are you as excited as me for the half time show?!

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