Icy Cool


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Warning! Grab your sunglasses because this jacket is quite blinding. Do you ever go shopping and see these outrageous pieces and wonder who would buy and wear this? Well that was my first impression of this Isaac Mizrahi jacket except it was so intriguing that I couldn’t let go of it. I wore it around the store and just fell in love. This is so out of my comfort zone but it was full of character that I decided it belonged in my wardrobe. Forward to today, who knows how many months since I bought it that I finally build the courage to style it and wear it out. Since this jacket is quite a statement piece I didn’t want any distractions from it but on the other hand it had too much character to be flushed into an all black outfit ensemble with the just jacket on top. Even though this jacket would look great with black tee and black denim, allowing all the attention on the jacket I wanted to compliment it with other similar style pieces. If this jacket had a personality I would describe it as fashion forward, rebellious, “too cool for school” and just an overall bad ass feel so that’s how I wanted to style it. Black graphic tee, destroyed denim, sneakers, silver aviators and my darkest lipstick (Gerard Cosmetics – Cherry Cordial).


IMG_2855 (2) IMG_2856 (2)  IMG_2861 (2) IMG_2864 (2)     IMG_2884 (2) IMG_2886 (2)


This jacket reminds me on the sun shade people put on the dashboard of there cars, agreed? It definitely has a sun reflector, foil type of feel.

What are your thoughts of this metallic jacket?


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