Friday night in Phillip Lim

IMG_1441IMG_1431On Friday night I was invited to a business networking event down by Harbourfront in Toronto. Even though this was a business event, being that it was on a Friday night it entailed a little more networking, socializing and even a slight party atmosphere (by the end of the night most people had a few too many drinks and the music was blasting). It was quite an interesting night to say the least.

IMG_1443 (2)


IMG_1437My outfit was a mixture of a conservative business event mixed with a more casual, party atmosphere.When it comes to business events (non fashion related) my rule of thumb is usually any type buttoned down shirt is appropriate. Keeping that in mind I brought out this amazing shirt that was apart of the Phillip Lim for Target collection (released September 2013). It was one of my favorite collaborations thus far, I have 5 other pieces from that collection and I love them all so much. I have worn this shirt tucked in with a dress pant however I like it much better let out and free so you can see all the beautiful details of the design. I paired it with faux leather leggings to dress it up some more and give it more of a fun, Friday night party type of feel. I had my hair tied in a sleek bun (truthfully because it was oily) but I am happy I did because I think it gave the outfit a bit more sophistication and kept the focus on the shirt and all its beautiful details.





IMG_1449 (2)

IMG_1430  Top: Phillip Lim for Target | Faux Leather Leggings: Topshop | Heels: Winners

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