Am I Kylie yet?


IMG_1496For the past few months the beauty world has been rocked by the famous Kylie Jenner lips. The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie has become a style icon with her “bad girl” style, green hair and most famously her new plumped up nude/pink/mauve lips. This year as her daily Instagram selfies became the topic in every girls conversation, I began to go through my own makeup collection to see if I had any colors that could imitate her lips. I found a lipstick by MAC called “Twig” and it was a winner. I was so happy to have found a perfect color in my own collection and in the picture taken below I think it was as good of a match that I would find. This became my go to color all summer long!


 Just about two months ago one of my favorite beauty YouTubers,Jaclyn Hill released a lipstick with Gerard Cosmetics with the intention to replicate the Kylie Jenner lip. She was requested by many to make a video recreating the Kylie Jenner makeup look and instead she took it one step further and spent months creating the perfect color, 1995.After weeks of admiring  pictures of people wearing this shade (90% of the time) I was ready to purchase the lipstick. (There were a few time when I saw this color worn and I did not love it so it made me hesitant). The reason it took me this long was because I do not like to buy makeup online, I prefer to test it out on my skin because it is different on every ones skin tone.

I was very excited when I got my lipstick (took about 6 days) to achieve an even better Kylie impersonation. The lipstick come in a very cool gold bullet which makes applying them even more fun! However once I applied this lipstick I realized it was 99% similar to MAC- Twig. The MAC lipstick is a Satin finish so there is a slight sheerness to the color, but it keeps your lips hydrated. The 1995 lipstick is more of a Matte finish so it is less hydrating in comparison.

The pictures below show both colors, 1995 on the left, Twig on the right in natural lighting, with flash and without.

IMG_1470 IMG_1487

IMG_1474 IMG_1492

(Nail post here)

The Gerard Cosmetics lipstick costs $19(USD) and since I am in Canada $9.95 (USD) for delivery. However when I was buying it they had a coupon code “FREEDELI” that gave me free delivery and discount of the lipstick so I ended up paying only $15(USD). If you are looking to buy any of there products they always have different coupon codes and many of the beauty bloggers/YouTubers have their own personal coupon code as well.

MAC lipsticks cost $16 (USD) and from my knowledge do not deliver internationally however MAC products are much easier to find worldwide.

MAC Twig Lipstick | Gerard Cosmetics 1995 Lipstick

In the pictures below I swatched both lipstick on two different skin tones. 1995 is on the bottom and Twig is on the top.You can see the MAC Twig has more of a sheen, however in the lighter skin  tone (which is my own) the difference is very minimal.  By adding more coats of Twig, the lipstick color becomes darker and less sheen.

IMG_1478 IMG_1483

I did not intend for this to be a comparison post however I was not expecting these two products to be as similar as they are. So if any of you are as hesitant as me to buy makeup online and MAC products are easier for you to find then this is definitely a great alternative to 1995 and gives you the perfect Kylie pout.

I absolutely love this color, not only because its comparison to Kylie Jenner but it is a perfect mauve nude shade that goes well all year round. You will definitely be seeing me wearing these colors all the time.

What do you think of these lip colors?

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