Dress up like Kylie day

20141101_021505 I hate Halloween! I really do. I used to like it as a kid because of the free candy but now that is over with. I hate all scary things from costumes to haunted houses and scary movies, seriously I can’t even watch a scary movie trailer. Somehow this year I got convinced last minute to go to a Halloween party that was co-hosted by Glen Baxter (from Fashion Television). With a day and a half to put together an outfit I knew everything I did NOT want to dress up as, I did not want to be anything scary (obviously) nor did I want a cliche store bought costume with a very “feminine” touch, you know what I mean?

I love all things pop culture so I thought this would be a perfect excuse to dress up as my favorite celebrity.  A few weeks ago I was joking saying I would be Kylie Jenner for Halloween so naturally that was the only though that crossed my mind.  I majorly stalked her Instagram and every website to figure out what kind of look I wanted to achieve. I knew I wanted prime Kylie aka short green hair with her rebellious cool style. I noticed a lot of over sized t-shirts, plaid and short shorts with combat boots or sneakers. She also sticks with a lot of dark colors. Sticking with that theme I wore a Kanye West Yeezus Tour shirt, which she constantly wears different versions of but then again he is her brother in law now. My brother bought this shirt when we went to his concert last years in a size large so it fit perfectly with the over size theme. When Kylie is in a skirt she tends to be drawn to different shapes and cuts so I decided to pair it with a faux leather envelope skirt. She wears a lot of combat boots and sneakers so I wore sneaker wedges to keep it casual, comfy but still give me the extra height I badly need.

20141101_003631 20141101_021317 20141101_021349The outfit was very casual and simple with pieces I already have it my own closet but I felt was a good interpretation of her street style. For the hair I decided it would be more fun to buy a wig and play around with that. I went to WalMart the day before and got a black witch wig ($5 CAD) and green spray paint ($2 CAD). I cut the wig down to shoulder length and used that entire bottle to spray the bottom half of the wig. It made the wig kind of messy and sticky but Kylie’s hair is always a perfect mixture of messy so let’s pretend like it was all intentional.  IMG_1808


20141101_021418Shirt: Yeezus Tour | Skirt: Buffalo Jeans | Sneakers: Urban Outfitters | Watch: O Clock

I added a few little details to complete this look which were her signature pointy black nails, two elastic chokers and a black watch. As for my makeup, I kept it very matte with natural eyes, bronze cheeks (no blush) and of course the Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in the color 1995 (which was created to replicate Kylie Jenner).

20141101_02124620141031_232358 20141101_003857Kylie Jenner and Taylor Swift had a moment yesterday. It was great!


Hope you had a fun Halloween! What did you dress up as?

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