Cool kids


IMG_1226“I wish that I could be like the cool kids”. So my look today has few different inspirations from the warmer than seasonal temperatures, back to school month and one of my favorite songs right now. We are lucky in Toronto as we are having a very warm and sunny week so I am taking full advantage. This outfit is super casual and laid back but still keeps up with what is on trend right now.


I got this hoodie from Winners a few week ago and I instantly loved it. It has a cool tribal-like print, really cozy and stretchy material making it a perfect casual everyday shirt. Plus I love me a comfy hoodie all year long. Winners/Marshalls/TJ Maxx  can be a great place to shop but it takes a LOT of patience and some luck to find good pieces.

This season all the cool kids are wearing a lot of faux leather. If your closet is anything like mine, it ranges from faux leather shirts, shorts,, skirts, pants, joggers, backpack and sneakers. I was on the search early last year for a nice faux leather backpack but I didn’t see too many out there until one day I was shopping with my mom at Reitman’s and found this one. Who would’ve thought? I love it more than any other purse, it is so convenient (especially when I am traveling) and makes me feel a little bit cooler.


The stretch in this shirt allows you to really play around with it and style it however you want. I mixed it up from keep it long and loose, tucking it slightly on the side and then tying a knot to emphasize the waist and shorts a little more. Which way do you like it?


IMG_1270 How gorgeous is this nail color?! I love how well it matches this outfit. (nail post here)




Sneakers have been big on trend for the past few seasons and now we are seeing a lot of slip on sneakers. They are easy to wear, super comfortable and can be dressed up or down. These are faux leather slip on sneakers called Venture by Blowfish Malibu. It it cushioned and super comfortable for everyday. These are a perfect everyday grab for Fall.



Shirt: Winners | Shorts: H&M | Shoes: Blowfish Malibu | Faux leather backpack: Reitmans | Sunglasses: Winners



Am I a cool kid yet? What are your thoughts on this casual outfit?

Currently listening to:  Cool Kids – Echosmith

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