Dear Kim K…



Dear Kim Kardashian West, where art thou KKW? It’s been a solemn month with the internet shutting down as Kim continues her hibernation. (correction – Hilary vs Trump kept the internet more than alive) As the world flooded with prayers, thoughts and obvious speculations after the Kim K robbery we find an empty space in our Instagram feeds. Hate it or love it Kim has become an icon, and even though she makes me cringe much too often I feel an emptiness and lack of inspiration without her daily ootds. Don’t get me wrong, I feel incredibly inspired by numerous other celebrities and influencers but they don’t flash themselves to the paparazzi as often as Kim does. Thanks to paparazzi shots, fan pages, Pinterest and Instagram we are constantly in the knows of Kim’s outfit as if she lived down the street from us. As I obviously don’t duplicate her outfits, I must credit her for inspiring me.  In most recent weeks, I thank her for lingerie tops, denim skirts, sock fit boots, denim choker, bombers, bodysuits and today – the oversized denim jacket. Ever since I first saw her drape it down her elbows, I was excited to release the inner 80’s in me to bring back the denim jacket. And after three months of hiding this bad boy in my closet, I finally took it out for a spin. I still plan to heavily destroy it, maybe add some embellishments, maybe paint my name all over the back but I do know I can see it being styled with my outfits on a near daily basis to make up for the past two decades.

So please Kim, come out and play and inspire me once again!

With love,

Almost Fashionable


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