Snake in the Grass









Well not literally of course. Not even metaphorically either – this isn’t going to be a petty indirect dig at a fashion frenemy. More like a new pair of snake skin booties that I take on a stroll on  these concrete streets mixed with the soggy fall grass – however grateful we are hitting mid November without premature snowfall.There is something so luxurious and fashion forward about any accessory mocking the snake skin. The faux snake skin look is perfect for keeping PETA and your wallet happy.

I have been getting a lot of compliments on these booties followed by a jaw dropping shock when they find out they are from ECCO shoes. Yes, ECCO, E- C-C-O, NO it’s not an old lady store and they have really caught up with trends and making it not only comfortable, but very versatile for a wider age group.These snakeskin boots are part of there Shape collection which includes their highest heel yet (see more about the collection here).

These booties stuck out the most to me because shockingly it’s sometimes nice to step away from a classic all black look and these booties are a perfect example of that. The navy blue snake skin still keep it fairly dark and neutral allowing you to match with almost all of your wardrobe. Not to mention with a 35 mm heel and structured feel it allows you to dress it up but also comfortable and neutral enough to go with your everyday look. What more could you want out a shoe?

I got a peak into the upcoming ECCO holiday and Spring 2017 collection and let me tell you how impressive the bejeweled heels, classic take on sneakers- functional and stylish with an incredible color range and, athletic wear and winter boots. Check out all the amazing new shoes available at ECCO.

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