Quo: Holiday Collection + Review


Goodbye Halloween decorations, hello Holiday collections! It happens so fast, like your kids first day of school- next thing you know they are snotty teenagers aka its New Years.

Quo, being so infamous for their numerous collections throughout the year has an incredible lineup for holiday products. From manicure items, contour sets, lip products the Quo Holiday collection is made up of near 30 products-something for every beauty queen and yourself of course.

Holiday collections are honestly so amazing because they allow you to try out a wide range of products, usually smaller than regular size so you get to sample more products in a bunch and its wrapped up in the greatest packaging ever (which is half the satisfaction of makeup).

Here are some of my favorite picks from the Quo bunch, starting with decoration for your Christmas tree with the beauty sponge ornament! I want a Christmas tree full of these type of ornaments- please and thank you.



Quo Holiday Mini Blending Sponge Ornament ($10) The beauty sponge ornament has three sponges, a black regular size, a nude smaller size and a red curved sponge. Not only is is visually appealing, it makes a great gift for every makeup addict- new year, new sponge. These sponges are amazing for it’s price level and are very comparable to the beauty blender. This makes a cute stocking stuffer and goes well with every makeup gift.

Quo Ready-Set-Travel Brush Set ($17)

I mentioned in posts before about Quo brushes being of very good quality and the holiday edition brushes are no different. There are a few different sets available, from a travel size of 4 brushes to a full 15 piece set (for $100). I highly recommended their brushes for anyone starting their makeup kit and even those experienced- you can never have enough brushes.All the sets come with a travel case as an added bonus.


Quo Bombshell Contour Palette ($30)

Lo and behold, a drug store contour kit worth talking about. If you follow Quo, you might have heard of their contour kits getting a lot of recognition and awards in the beauty world so  I was really excited to try this out for myself. The great part of holiday sets is that they come with two brushes, one that is really intended to chizzle out your contour. Both contour shades are matte ( not an ounce of shimmer), the left shade is a perfect cool tone that gives the shadow look and the right shade is a bit warmer which blended together gives you a really natural contour. I am absolutely OBSESSED with this palette- so much so I have but my higher end one on the back burner.



Quo Eye Shadow Contour Set ($25)

After you are done chizzling out your cheek bones and magical nose job it’s on to contouring your eyes! This eye contour palette is perfect for your everyday makeup when you just need a little dimension but also works to help define your eye shape, carve out a crease to allow you to  create more dramatic looks. This palette also includes two brushes, a flat brush for your base colors and a more dense brush that will create an illusion of a deep crease (this brush is magic). This palette is also great because it comes with a mirror inside and can be versatile to use for a face contour as well.


Quo Soft Focus Highlighting Palette ($30)

After the contour comes the highlight because we all know we have to glisten like our Christmas lights. The Quo Highlight palette has three shades of highlight along with two brushes. The highlight shades give a very soft glow to the face, it is definitely not a dramatic shimmery highlight however it works for your everyday looks to add an overall glow. I obviously like to mix a bit of all three shades and really get a brighter look.


Quo Lip Gloss Bar ($20)

No look is complete without a beautiful lip. This lip gloss set is such an amazing gift, it comes with 10 different shades in a smaller travel size from pale pinks to a deep wine. I personally like to have a more matte face in the fall/winter time and a glossier lip so this set is perfect for that. Not only does it make a good gift but it’s great to get for yourself to have a selection of all the various colors of gloss. (The gloss also comes in a trio pack for $10)

All these gift sets  and the rest of the Quo Holiday edition products are now available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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