TOMFW: Meet the Press Party













Day two. Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. I’m exhausted, already. I know I am an old lady and my stamina is weak.

Tuesday night was the “Designers meet the press party” located in maybe one of the coolest, most unique venues –  The Vault at One King West, formally a bank hence all the safety deposit vaults. The night consisted of press, designers, music and all the usual fluff of any fashion event. To add in on the fun was a photo booth c/o Richard Emmnuel Studios equipped with a ring light, reminding you of every flaw you try to hide – FaceTune, where you at? Apothic Wines had us playing a harmless game of truth or dare. I picked truth because you know if you caught me publicly doing a celebrity impersonation I would have to move to Bora Bora and change my name. So instead I chickened out and picked truth; “what is your biggest turn off in a man?” Simple. When he smiles. Hey Kanye, you know the deal. If you have seen more than one picture of me you know I am not a fan of the smile for the camera and it’s the only way I like it for everyone else, so please keep flashing your pearly whites for your dentist only. #notsmilingmakesmesmile

Rest day is now done and it’s time to gear up for the shows! 

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