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The color green is frequently associated with luxury. Perhaps because US currency is made up of green bills (which indirectly affects the entire world) or maybe green reminds you of trees, grass and nature-which in itself is our world’s luxury or maybe because of green vegetables which is so crucial to good health-seriously who can resist a green juice? Whatever the reason is, green is as good as gold (you know what I mean) which is exactly the reaction I had when I first laid eyes on the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury eye palette in Rebel. The bold richness in 3 shades of green had me awe-I don’t usually gravitate towards green makeup. The minor downfall is the darkest matte shades needed a few coats to really get an intense color to get a smoky look. I especially took a moment of silence for the lid color that resembles a foil shadow with its specs of green and gold that reflect in the light to give your eyes a shimmer like no other. I am obsessed with this color palette, can you tell?And at perfect timing at that. Fall weather is in full effect, holiday parties have begun and our senses are continuously reminded of the green,red and gold in the world. This palette will be widely used this season and will work well with nude lips, to your reds and burgundies and if you’re as bold as me, the darkest near black lip (NYX Liquid suede lipstick in “oh put it on” later topped with Vasanti power oil gloss in “Goddess”)

This palette proved you shouldn’t be afraid of color and let yourself step out of your comfort zone once in a while – it’s a fun place out here. The Charlotte Tilbury luxury eye palette comes in a few different ranges, from neutrals to purple quads to add into your collection and also makes the perfect gift. Get in on the action, you don’t want to be green with envy.

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