Double or Nothing.








Go double or go home, am I right? Because doubles of anything is always better. Double trouble, double shots, double cheeseburgers. So when it comes to having a slit, let’s make it a double.

Kendall Jenner blessed her presence in Toronto during the summer of 2014 when her and Kylie co-hosted the Much Music Video Awards where she graced us with an eye catching double slit dress which had us questioning everything about our lack of hip bones (see here). Ever since that day I have only dreamed to rock a double hip high slit-till now. Now my ensemble is nowhere as risky as hers, being that I am not 6 foot and 90 pounds so instead I stayed conservative (ha) for my look. This is a much more casual, looser fit dress wrapped around the tightest spanx I own and completed the look with a few more Kardashian/Jenner inspired pieces. “Boxer braids” as seen on Kim, Kylie and Khloe which I have been loving for a lot of my summer looks, a denim choker as seen on Kim-literally just cut up an old Hollister jean skirt (which is so short it might as well have been a belt) and a faux suede over the ankle lace up bootie.

Thursday afternoon, walking down the streets of downtown as I strut my slits to the first day of shows for Toronto Men’s Fashion Week.

PS be prepared for a few more Kardashian/Jenner inspired looks coming soon.

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