Quo Cosmetics: Back to School Collection


Summertime sadness is settling in as the days get shorter, weather gets colder and back to school sales are everywhere.  Time to get organized and prepared by going back to school shopping but remember the most important school supplies are not found at your local Staples, they are at the Beauty Boutique of Shoppers Drug Mart. List of back to school supplies this year; calendar and binders fully equipped with your favorite makeup thanks to Quo Cosmetics. We already know the cardinal rule of school & life, do NOT and I repeat do NOT repeat your outfits. Luckily if you live in Toronto, our seasons change every other day so there is absolutely no excuse to be repeating your outfit often(my rule of thumb is to wait a minimum of 6 weeks, if necessary- thanks to Instagram for keeping count for us). Second rule: just as important, if not more- do NOT repeat your makeup everyday. This spotlights even more to those who have to wear a uniform or working in a mundane outfit every day. I know, I know we have become a permanent resident of ComfortVille and it becomes automatic to pull out your Naked palette and pair it with the one of the 14 very different nude lipsticks. Lucky for us Quo has our back this season and has created this makeup calendar that allows you to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new shades of shadows everyday and put all those hours of watched Youtube beauty tutorials to use and get creative.

It’s time to get out of your makeup rut and wake up everyday enjoying a different color palette. Snap back to reality on Monday with your favorite neutrals, on Wednesdays we wear pink (makeup), on Thursday we have the blues (its not the weekend yet) and Friday we get ready for a well deserved night out with a forest of green shadows. Excited about your school/work week yet? Oh wait it gets better, this calendar also comes equipped with 7 different shades of gel liner to step your eye makeup game even stronger. Whats sharper than a killer winged liner? A white liner or maybe deep purple? You decide.

The great part of this palette is a wide color variety for shadows and liners allowing you to create so many different looks. The palette focuses more on the matte shadows and the few shimmer shadows were not very intense, they simply added a slight glow to your look. . The gel liners were very creamy, easy to apply and gave a great color to the eyes but the colors were much more muted, making it more appropriate for school/work. I wish they had added in a brighter, vibrant option. Maybe a hot pink?

This back to school collection also came with a makeup binder with two palettes filled with 6 shadows, 2 lip sticks, eye liner and two face powders each (there are two palettes in the binder). This was great to have with you every day for touchups by your desk and intensifying your look from a day to night look and also had a slot for your phone in the back. The packaging for the binder was much girlier and a bit more of a “teeny bopper” feel. They also made a Quo Hall monitor clutch that was perfect to hold your phone on the outside and inside had slots for your cards, money, receipts and a wristlet handle. This packaging also was much more focused for a pre-teeen/high school student.

The first week of September is a beautiful time, weather is still nice and crisp, and you’ve managed to hold on your summer bod, glistening your sunkissed skin and now its time to show off a new makeup look and back to school accessories. Back to school shopping has never been this fun!

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Quo Daily Beauty Palette -$42.00

Quo Taking Notes Beauty Palette – $32.00

Quo Hall Monitor Clutch -$22.00

Available in Shoppers Drug Mart- August 2016



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