Athleisure in Pink 

The athleisure trend has come and has become very comfortable so don’t except it to be going anywhere. If you aren’t familiar with this trend, let me tell you simply – have your cake, eat it too and never workout. The comfort of workout clothes, make the world believe you are uber athletic but never … More Athleisure in Pink 

Velvet Trousers

Want to know my trick to wear a crop top? High waisted, loose fitting pants with a personality of its own to distract the whole look. Not to mention the excessive lack of oxygen to suck in everything but hey, you do what you go to do for the name of fashion right?  I bought … More Velvet Trousers

Champagne Sneakers

Summer weather is finally here! Let’s pop open some Champagne (sneakers). ha. I got my hands on these GEOX sneakers a few weeks ago and have impatiently been waiting for a warm day to finally take them out for a walk. These sneakers are in the style “Jaysen” by GEOX. I really love that they … More Champagne Sneakers