(not so) try hard



Mystery of the world – why is it when you HAVE to look good and try hard, it never comes out perfect? More importantly, why is it when you rush out for a quick meeting and you will be in and out without seeing many people that every part of your looks comes together perfectly? Somebody please explain this to me ASAP. We really need to thank the tech gurus out there for creating cameras and social media so at least we can (try to) photograph these days for the world to see – as if they care.

So obviously to this post, I had a meeting which I knew wouldn’t last longer than 30 minutes and had to rush home afterwards – meeting a whole of 4 people so I just threw on my favorite basic tee, these silky cargo-esque pants and the same boots I wear weekly – pretty basic if you ask me. But I loved the end result, I love how my makeup came out and I love how the curls loosened so effortlessly. So why can’t I love my looks on more important days? Why? Why? Why? I didn’t even plan a blog post, I just wanted ONE ootd for the gram and so many great pictures came out of it. So great.

Until next time I don’t try as hard –

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  1. Angela Cruz says:

    Love these pants on you- and you’re right, social media has allowed us to “fake” an entire outfit for the camera! 🤣

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  2. Amazing how when you don’t stress about a look, it almost always turns out perfectly! Looks gorgeous and the confidence radiates from the inside out!

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  3. Your style is very simple yet eye catching! I LOVE it!

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  4. Azra says:

    Love those pants, they look so good. Super stylish but simple look which I love. xx

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  5. You look gorgeous! Do you ever do anything about slow fashion or ethical companies? I am always trying to find good stuff!

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  6. So effortlessly chic! I clearly need more basic tops in my wardrobe because I have a pair of slouchy silk pants and I never know what to pair with them!

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  7. Brianne says:

    GIRL YES this is totally a thing! It’s like how my hair looks great before bed…and never when I need to go out!

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  8. These pants look so comfy, but also look so good to wear out~

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