Tucked In






IMG_9776Someone told me I was NOT basic today. I laughed. But then again, we are going on day 3/5 of the infamous Starbucks unicorn frap and I have yet to try it, so maybe I am not basic after all?

I love basics when it’s in regards to simplicity-the art of styling. I emphasize this so much but to me what makes you stand out is the way you style the most simple pieces to fit your individuality. This specific top I have worn 3 times (ew, what kind of blogger am I?) and each time I add a completely new flair to it. First it was a button up dress, second time around it was worn as a over coat and thirdly (hopefully lastly) I was inspired by oversized men’s button up styled with shorts, half tucked in and sliding out. Being the most recent I think this was one of my favorite and most eddy styling.

I honestly can’t take too much credit today because this was completely mimicked by Kendall Jenner (like usual). She has become my fav from that clan because she always looks so effortless and cool, so I try to do the same except I put in a lot of effort and aren’t as cool. I’m just basic, without the unicorn frap.

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  1. Shawna F. says:

    Was it me who told you that you were not basic? I feel like it was me.

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  2. Kim says:

    LOVE THE LOOK, GIRL! You slayed it! Love the eyeshadow too!!
    Btw, I write about beauty too and would love if you can drop by my blog!

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  3. Nicki says:

    This is a great shirt, looks so versatile. You look stunning in it xx

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  4. I love this; it fits you so well. Basic or not, you slayed it, beautiful. I’m ff your blog; love it xx

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