Turtle Necks + Snow Storms

Not a single Winter goes by in Toronto where I don’t find myself gravitating for my turtlenecks. Some people have the audacity to say turtle necks just came back into “fashion” this season but I beg to differ, since I cannot go a Winter season without them! ( I guess that’s why I am ‘Almost … More Turtle Necks + Snow Storms

Getting Summer Body Ready

No this is not a fitness or diet post, sorry if I misled you. This is all about getting your body ready – beauty wise. Living in Toronto, it seems our summers get shorter and shorter each year, this summer seems to be going to last for only 3 months- and that’s being optimistic. So […]

More Getting Summer Body Ready

Tucked In

Someone told me I was NOT basic today. I laughed. But then again, we are going on day 3/5 of the infamous Starbucks unicorn frap and I have yet to try it, so maybe I am not basic after all? I love basics when it’s in regards to simplicity-the art of styling. I emphasize this … More Tucked In

Purple Rain

Isn’t it great when one product can inspire an entire look? It’s even better when a whole bunch of your new makeup is in the same shade range and come together so perfectly. I think the star of this look is the lips – MAKE UP FOREVER’s new Artist Liquid Matte Liquid Lipstick in the … More Purple Rain

Get the Model look: Backstage at FashionCAN with MAC Cosmetics 

Who doesn’t want to look like a model? Unfortunately I have no secrets to make us grow to be 5’11 sitting on 99 pounds BUT I do have the (not so) secret to get the makeup looks and trends we saw during the FashionCAN runway shows and how to get it at home, sans glam … More Get the Model look: Backstage at FashionCAN with MAC Cosmetics 

Styled at FashionCan 

Be a different person everyday. That’s my motto. Well not officially but kind of. There’s something really special about styling, that is your outfit, shoes, hair and makeup all put together that can transform you into anything or anyone you want to be. For that reason I just don’t like to be the same person … More Styled at FashionCan 

Living in the Past

  Remember when you were young and you would envision the future, say 20 years ahead and how the whole world would be robotic and insanely futuristic, but yet here we are and it’s really the exact same. Not only are we not robots but we look to the past for fashion trends and consistently … More Living in the Past