Styled at FashionCan 

Be a different person everyday. That’s my motto. Well not officially but kind of. There’s something really special about styling, that is your outfit, shoes, hair and makeup all put together that can transform you into anything or anyone you want to be. For that reason I just don’t like to be the same person everyday. Bore. I couldn’t define my style in one word because I go thru the whirlwind of emotions from extra glam to minimalistic, to “ratchet” and chic to just being the most basic ish out there. So when I have two full days of events with the same crowd I transform myself to two different people. These are the two looks from this months fashion event at Yorkdale mall, FashionCan which was filled of two days of amazing Canadian designers showcasing their latest collections.

On Day 1 I kept it very classy, glam and chic with my outfit. I paired a high neck crop top with high waist culottes and hella. My glam was a super bold green eye look paired down with a neutral glossy lip and straight hair. 

On Day 2 I brought out my (not so) inner fabulous ratchet side. I literally threw on an old tee from my brothers closet (Young and Reckless) with some thigh high boots and fishnets because that’s all the trend right now. Minimal basic accessories of gold hoops and a choker. My glam consisted of Dutch braids, easy on the eyes (compared to day one) which was a sharp blue winged liner and a darker, yet neutral matte lip. 

Two days. Two people. Same person. Do you have a favorite look? 

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