My Favorite New Brushes ft. Avon Oval Brushes

Makeup Brush Set

What’s more important, the makeup or the makeup brushes? Well I guess you can’t have one without the other but the better the makeup brushes the better your entire look will be. Not only do you want the flawless, airbrush finish but you also want tools that will not waste any product. Beauty sponges have been all the big fuss the past few years, and for good reason because the way it allows you to blend and melt everything together which gives you a flawless look however it can soak up a lot of product and doesn’t always reach every little nook. The past year or so the “oval brushes” have really made a mark – and for someone who is used to constantly dabbing and patting, it takes some adjustment to just rub and blend your foundation on with an oval brush.

I recently got my hands of the new package of Avon Makeup brush set, that comes in a pack of 3 for $50. The big oval brush is perfect for moisturizer, primer, foundation and bronzer/contouring. The two smaller ones are super versatile and can be used for eye shadow, eye liner, lip products and my favorite way of using it – contouring my nose! I have been OBSESSED with these brushes and I understand why people have been loving oval brushes. The large foundation brush covers evenly and doesn’t soak up any product so you will instantly notice how little product you use in comparison to a sponge. It is quite a thick, dense brush so you need to make sure you clean it thoroughly with soapy water to ensure the longevity of the brushes. I never thought I would put aside my sponges but these oval brushes have really changed my makeup application – I would highly suggest you try them out!

You can find these products on or with a local representative

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