Hint of blush







Oh another all black outfit because clearly I have no personality. Kidding, kind of. All black outfits are so classic and easy to put together – even with the mixture of fabrics, here I did a velvet and sheen body suit with a faux leather skirt. By mixing fabrics it allows you have more dept and dimension in your outfit. The best part of an all black outfit is the ideas for your glam are limitless. This was a Wednesday night out so ofcourse I went for a very simple, gold glitter lid. Basic stuff, you know. Paired with a sparkly gold choker and that hint of blush heels and blush glossy lip. 

The real inspiration for this ensemble, well Kim KW wore a leather skirt the day before, so I did 

it. Kim Kardashian West blunt cut her hair to a lob so obviously I went and cut it too. I have no personality, I told you. 

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