Champagne Sneakers





Summer weather is finally here! Let’s pop open some Champagne (sneakers). ha. I got my hands on these GEOX sneakers a few weeks ago and have impatiently been waiting for a warm day to finally take them out for a walk. These sneakers are in the style “Jaysen” by GEOX. I really love that they have a metallic-esque finish which we are seeing a lot of this season without being overly dramatic and in your face. They are made with a leather exterior so you need to break them in but once you are settled they will quickly become your go-to shoe  every day, at least they are for me!

A little about the technology behind these shoes and the rubber evergreen sole that is patented by GEOX, “Cutting-edge technology combining a perforated sole with a resistant, breathable and water-repellent membrane, allowing natural temperature regulation and creating a micro-climate inside the shoe that leaves the foot dry throughout the day.”

“The rubber sole is perforated and incorporates a special microporous membrane that absorbs and expels sweat without letting water in. The gradual elimination of moisture reduces feet overheating and creates an ideal, healthy microclimate inside the shoes, keeping feet warm and dry in the winter, and cool and dry in the summer.”


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