The perfect summer shoe ft. Geox Kennity

geox kennitygeox kennityIMG_7469geox kennityIMG_7442geox kennityIMG_7478My Geox kennityMy Geox kennity

When I look at these pair of shoes I think of Goldilocks – ya, the children’s book. To refresh your memory it went along the lines of “the first bed is too hard, the second bed is too soft and third one was just right” – ring a bell? Well that’s how I’ve been feeling about my summer shoe selection. I love my glam nights where I pull out my heels and I love my casual sneakers that literally go with everything HOWEVER sometimes a heel is a bit excessive and a sneaker makes you look a bit too laid back so I needed to find that perfect medium and I officially introduce to you the GEOX Kennity. These booties are the perfect mix of causal and glam with the suede exterior and gold finishes that elevates the most simple of looks.

I love these shoes especially for the summer because I want to dress up my everyday outfits without the heels. Summer time is all about outdoor activities – backyard BBQs, outdoor concerts, festivals on all sorts of turfs so you need the perfect flat, comfy but glam shoe. Not to mention how it gives off a slight cowboy boot type vibe which goes great with my new found obsession with country music – because who doesn’t match there shoes with their music taste?

I apologize in advance for how much you will be seeing these shoes on me all summer long and transitioned into the fall but can you really blame me?

PS if the gold finishes are too much for you the GEOX Kennity also comes in a matte leather black and light taupe.

If you do love the gold finishes and prefer a higher heel there is the GEOX New Callie for ya!

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