New shoes anyone? GEOX Giveaway! 

Name me one person who has enough shoes. No one. Because nobody, male or female can ever have enough pair of shoes – it’s like science or something. So with a new season upon us, it’s time to start planning fall outfits and say ‘see ya later’ to our summer sandals.

I am so sad to see summer leave so quickly  but on a happier note I am extremely excited to announce one lucky reader will be gifted with a pair of GEOX shoes, of your choosing to start the new season on the right foot (get it, ha). If you haven’t already noticed, Geox has become one of my favorite shoe brands because of there comfort, quality and trendy style. Check out the two pairs I have been obsessively wearing the last few months. 

To enter the giveaway-

-All you have to do is keep following me on Instagram- because you already do, right? @almostfashionable

-Follow @Geox and get some inspo on the shoes you want while you’re  there. 

-Comment on this post with your favorite summer memory this year and you’re officially entered!

The giveaway will close by September 6th at 11.59pm and one winner will be chosen by random. The winner will be sent  a gift card to pick a shoe of their choice at any Canadian Geox store. 


Good luck to everyone who enters! 


23 Comments Add yours

  1. Love the metallic colour! I love Geox, they’re such comfortable shoes!

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    1. leave your fav summer memory & follow along on Instagram to enter the giveaway!


  2. Sara S says:

    My favourite summer memory is spending time at the beach with my entire family. We used to pack an amazing picnic, and just spend the whole day in the water.

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  3. Aj says:

    My fave Summer memory was with you actually, we went to a Fashion but I think we OVERDRESSED or maybe UNDERDRESSED anyways everyone complimented on our outfits all night.
    It was the best time ever!!!


  4. Sultan says:

    My fave memory was flying to niagara-on-the-lake in 12 minutes flat. ☀️✈️

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  5. Shawna F. says:

    My fave summer memory is going to Destiny’s and having fried rice and bubble tea 😀


  6. briannecail says:

    100% visiting Montreal & Ottawa! And I loved your starting the year off on the right foot joke 😉 hahaha


  7. Alex says:

    Favourite part of summer: basking in your dms


  8. Love the black ones with the rivets! So Cute!

    xoxo Christie


  9. You’re right- no one has enough shoes! Love it 🙂

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  10. I like the ones that look like sneakers. Cool color on them.


  11. bonjourzoe says:

    my fave summer memory is defs going to europe and nyc – nothing beats traveling for me! and thank you for this giveaway. i would love to win a pair of stylish yet comfy ankle boots for fall xx


  12. Ana De Jesus says:

    Wow I love the boots and how you have paired them with the mesh boots. What a wonderful giveaway x


  13. My fave summer memory was going to Peru and petting a Llama 😊 – xx @Stephh_Lau


  14. thatssodarling says:

    This is awesome! You are right you can never have too many shoes! I will head over and enter! So exciting!


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  15. maldham says:

    I love Geox! My favourite memory this summer was drinking wine at a café in Paris, France (wearing some Geox shoes too!!)


  16. Did I read it right? a shoe giveaway? cool. My favorite summer memory was going to this place known to be the best island in the world (google for it if you want to know) 😉 together with a couple of friends 5 months ago. Just doing beach stuff, met travelers from outside the country, went diving, kayaking, boating to amazing islets, ziplining to another island, roaming around the main island on a motorcycle and been to the14 kilometers of undeveloped longest white beach with nothing but coconut trees in the shorline. . Ok. I’ll stop now. But I did a lot more I had the best time of my life.


  17. Brenda Penton says:

    My favourite summer memory was my road trip across the province to go shopping.


  18. Probably going to the Ex with the hubby and friends. It was a pretty fun time. Or roof patio fam jamming, never a bad time.

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  19. Jaguy says:

    That hail storm during Taste of Asia


    1. Congratulations you have won the giveaway! Please email me with all your details,


  20. Simi says:

    Walking my dog everyday! Hopefully comfy shoes will make that more enjoyable 🙂


  21. Auneya says:

    Going to Wilbur with you. Obsessed! That street corn though. I got that Tahin for you all the way from Chicago!


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