Athleisure in Pink 


The athleisure trend has come and has become very comfortable so don’t except it to be going anywhere. If you aren’t familiar with this trend, let me tell you simply – have your cake, eat it too and never workout. The comfort of workout clothes, make the world believe you are uber athletic but never actually do it. The best part of this trend is you feel like such an athlete when you’re just walking around because you’re dressed the part.

 I got this athleisure look with this incredibly cute  Transparent Indoor Bomber from Bench. Everyone loves a good bomber and this thin, transparent one let’s you to keep rocking it during the warmest of temperatures. You can also get super risky with this jacket, maybe pair it with a bralette or just have it add some layers and color to your outfit without it being too heavy.

Finished the look with my all time favorite sneakers: ECCO Women’s Soft 7 high tops 

How do you like this athleisure trend? I hope it never goes away.

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