Sekkisei Treatment Cleansing Oil 

It’s no coincidence that the best in skincare innovations comes from Asia. Whether it be K-beauty trends or skincare regiments from Japan, China, India – they always seem to have the upper hand in skincare. For that reason I was really excited to try Sekkisei products which are made in Japan. They have marketed to simplify and combine skincare steps because we all know Korean skincare tells us we must have a 7-10 step process and who has time for that? No body.

I recently got the Sekkisei Treatment Cleansing Oil that helps melt and remove makeup and cleanse your face. To be honest I’ve tried a fair share of facial cleaning oils, which does melt and breakdown your makeup but stops at that. These products normally feel very oily on the skin, you can feel it separating and with just water nothing gets done – you need to scrub it down with a cleanser and sometimes even a makeup wipe/Micellar water to remove every last trace of it. At this point using the cleaning oils beforehand is a pointless step that I stopped using all together.

The last few weeks I started using the Sekkisei Treatment Cleaning Oil and it was absolute love at first touch. With a full face and eyes of makeup, I used a few pumps on my skin and worked it in and rinsed it with some water. The oil washed of with ease as well as all my makeup, literally All. It begins to foam up just like any other cleanser.  I went to pat it down with my face towel and there was no trace of leftover makeup. This Cleansing Oil is essentially a makeup removing oil and cleanser in one, so there’s one less step for you during your night time skincare routine. You can still use a gentle cleanser for the extra step if you feel necessary. I have really been loving the Sekkisei Facial Cream wash. It is a super thick and creamy formula that almost feels like a moisturizer. Once you add water it completely foams up and gently cleans your face leaving you squeaky clean with an incredibly soft finish. 

I have been loving this Sekkisei Cleaning oil so much that even when I don’t have makeup on, I still enjoy using this oil to pre cleanse my face and leave it feeling extra fresh. I highly recommend you get your hands on some Sekkisei products because they truly are amazing! 

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