Quo Cosmetics: Back to School Collection 2017

School is officially back in session and that can only mean one thing – time for some new makeup. I love Quo Cosmetics because they always have the best collections throughout the year and the back to school collection is always so fun (see the 2016 collection here).  I also love how completely different the product range is this year compared to last.

This year’s Quo Back to School collection consisted of three different aspects. 

The first being a pack of 5 must have brushes ranging from face to eyes and a pouch. These brushes have incredibly bright colors and thick handles that gave you the look of paint brushes. I absolutely love Quo brushes and think this set is a definite miust have!

Quo Brush Set $38

The second part of this collection is the Quo Total Beauty Kit. This kit comes with 6 products – an eye shadow palette, a black eye liner, cream blush, pink nude lipstick,  light pink lip gloss and a cream highlight. I think this set is perfect for everyday glam, whether it be for school or work. The lip products are a very subtle pink nude and work great for everyday use. The black eye liner is amazing for your waterline, being very creamy and pigmented (possibly my favorite product from the bunch). The highlight is quite a light shade so it won’t work for darker skin tones however it gives a subtle dewy glow to your look.  I found the cream blush to lack pigment as well leaving you with a subtle flushed color. The eye shadow shades are four very neutral shades that give you a quick wash if colour and contour your eye shape. 

Quo Total Beauty Kit $45

The last set of products are the Quo “My makeup” notebook palettes. These come in 3 different packages with 6 eye shadows and one face powder. Each notebook is named differently on the front (confident, beautiful and brilliant). The packaging is really nice and compact making it really easy to keep at your desk to touch up or transform your look from day to night. It goes great with the back to school theme. The palettes were nice however I found the colors to be underwhelming, very neutral and were just missing a pop. 

Quo “My Makeup” Notebook palettes $32 

Overall there are many parts of this collection that I love and suggest you get your hands on. Now we can start getting excited for the Quo Fall 2017 collection! 

Quo Cosmetics is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart. 

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