Winter Skincare: Body Routine



There’s hundreds of reason I hate the winter time and for the shallow girl that I am, my biggest concern is the affect it has on my skin. It’s the time of the year we are the most pale, our skin is incredibly dry and consistently being bundled up our skin doesn’t get a chance to breathe. Being that no skin shows during the day, it’s the time we often neglect our skin and forget the importance of staying moisturized underneath. So here’s a rundown of a few body products I am loving this winter season.


Starting in the shower, I have replaced my body washes and soap for the Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil Once you rub this oil onto your wet skin it begins to foam up like any other cleanser with a smoother finish and less abrasive to your skin without stripping your bodies natural oils and ensuring your skin stays hydrated throughout the day.  It is scented with lime essential oils so it gives a citrus fresh smell and works great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. On days I want a deeper scrub and exfoliate I have been using the Vasanti Sweet ‘n Salty Luxury Body Scrub, despite the name isn’t as rough as you may think. It melts into your skin within a minute and leaves your skin feeling really smooth and clean – perfect prep if you are a fan of spray tanning! Oh and if you’re going to tan or show off any skin this winter you’re going to need the EOS Shaving Cream, my scent of choice is the vanilla bliss. I love the packaging which makes it easy to use in the shower, smells great, goes on smooth and hydrates.

After coming out of the shower my new obsession is the Lipidol after shower oil.  In replacement of any cream, this oil gives your skin moisturize and softness, with a dewy finish. It makes me feel like a baby after a shower, especially when I shower at night I feel so incredibly relaxed and have the best sleep.
For extra dry areas (elbows, knees) I  like to keep my Korres Guava body butter and the EOS Lavender body lotion  on hand to continuously keep my body moisturized. They both smell incredible and keep your body moisturized for hours.

Lastly you want to take care of your feet- sandal season will fast approach us and we don’t have to have dry, crackly feet! I just started trying out the Face Shop foot mask and it is so great. They are similar to sheet masks except they are in form of socks that are soaked with product to moisturize your feet for about 30 minutes.

Stay tuned this week as I go through morning and evening routine for winter skincare! 🙂

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