Winter Skincare: Morning Edition

Magic Number – 5. Question at hand: how many steps in your morning skin?

Cleanse. Tone. Serum. Face cream. Eyes. I really hope a 5 step morning routine doesn’t scare you off because I promise you taking an extra few minutes everyday will improve your skin drastically in the long run. This series will be 3 posts-  a morning routine, evening routine and a full body routine which is targeted for a dry, winter skin regimen.


So firstly getting out of bed, for early risers it may still be dark outside which is the absolute worst thing for me. For the days I wake up clearly cranky I start my morning with the Origins GinZing Mask that is a cooling gel that instantly wakes up your skin,  made with ginseng, coffee beans and cucumbers it helps with dark circles/bags. I usually just wear it for 5-10 minutes and then move on to the rest of my skincare. (Yes this is an extra step, so I only do it occasionally)



First thing you need to get your day going is a splash of cold water and a great cleanser. When it comes to a non invasive cleanser that’s gentle on the skin and non drying, anything that says “foaming” or “milk” cleansers are always a good choice. Lately I have been loving the Face Shop foaming cleanser in Acerola. It foams up, super soft and gentle and keeps you feeling refreshed with a subtle scent. On days I want a deeper cleanse with exfoliating beads, I opt for the Vasanti Brighten up!. This has been one of my favorite cleansers for the past year and you instantly feel your skin clearing up after using it. (PS this line just came out with a Brighten Up moisturizer too!)



I stopped using a toner over a year ago because certain brands are very strong and harsh on the skin but I have been craving to try a new one so I was really excited when I started using the Korres Pomegrante Toner. I was sold with the name, mainly because I love pomegranate but also because anything with fruits in skincare usually means they are more natural. If you aren’t a pomegranate fan, don’t worry there is no harsh smell that comes with it. If you aren’t a toner user – please start NOW! I promise you it makes a huge difference in your skin. Once added on a cotton pad  it cleans up any excess dirt after washing your face, tightens pores and mattifies your skin (amazing for oily t zone areas).

An alternative for this toner (since its geared towards more oily skin) is the Vichy Boosting Essence Water. I switch between the two depending on my skin’s needs that particular day. This Vichy essence water is infused with Vichy Thermal Spa Water (the smell and texture will make you feel like you’re in a spa) which hydrates your skin with this water for a more plumped feel.  This is a thicker mixture which you just pat into your skin with your fingers.



Serums are often skipped yet tend to be incredibly important, especially in the winter time because this is what puts moisture back into your skin after the first steps. They are super thin with a gel like formula but are concentrated with amazing ingredients to really help your skin. I usually prefer to match my serum to its accompanied moisturizer to get all the benefits. The two currently sitting on my bathroom shelf is the Vichy Aqualia Serum and the Belif Hungarian water essence. Both of these serums are light weight and give hydration to your skin causing it to look more plump and smooth out any dehydration lines.



I LOVE oils! I think oils have rocked the beauty world whether its part of your skincare, body care or mixed in with your makeup it will change the way your skin feels and looks. The Body Shop Drop of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum is used in replacement of one of the above serums (I mean you could always layer it if you want that extra glow).  It is extremely light on the skin and instantly gives you a healthy renewed glow to your skin.The other oil that became my obsession the second I locked eyes on is the Korres Wild Rose Brightening Oil which has real rose petals in the bottle and the most beautiful fragrance. It is super concentrated with vitamin C oils which brightens your and evens out your skin. I can’t possibly go a day without using this, so I usually will put this on after my moisturizer (almost as a primer) before my makeup. It is a beauty elixir type oil so you could even mix it in with your foundation to give you a more dewy look.


Face Cream:

For face creams I have four on rotation and recommend them all depending on your skin. I also use these at night so I like to switch it up. A tried and true brand to most is Nivea so I was happy to try out the newer line of the Nivea Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream – for anyone in your early 20’s I think is a great time to start with anti aging products. To top it off this cream also has a SPF 30 so that is one less step you need to worry about (and yes you need SPF even in the winter). Dr. Roebucks Face cream is super rich and thick so you gives you a ton of moisture to last the entire day with a small amount of product (it is a bit heavy and you can feel it on your skin) which is great because a pro tip is this makes a great primer. Not to mention this is also an anti aging cream so you get a moisturizer, anti aging product and primer all in one. On the lighter side I prefer the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream  is meant to re-hyrdrate all areas of your facial zones by evenly spreading water. Lastly and most new to my routine is the belif Moisturizing Bomb which I have been wanting to try for months. Belif products have took the North American skincare industry by storm and for good reason. Made up of natural, rich  ingredients your skin will forever thank you. 


Eye Cream:

Another overlooked product is eye cream and people wonder why they get fine lines and wrinkles so early on in life. You should be wearing it twice a day (I apply it after moisturizer) around your eye. A tip I learned is to dot it from your brow bone to the bone under your eye and continue to tap it until it has been absorbed and then lightly massage it in your eye using a figure 8 motion. I love the Dr. Roebucks eye cream because it was made for dark circle, made with caffeine so it helps with puffiness and reduced wrinkles. Just like the other Dr. Roebucks products, it is very rich and creamy so you only need a little product but it hydrates your eye area which tends to get dry and helps with texture. Another great product is the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Awakening Eye Balm  which is more a gel like serum texture. It is a very soft texture and much more lightweight on your eyes if you don’t need as much moisture or if you plan to wear a lot of makeup on top.It targets puffiness, dark circles and tired looking eyes.

I know it may seem like a lot but I wanted to include a few options and varieties, not every product will work for your skin type. I do get lazy some days but I think this is a great template to keep in mind for your morning routine. Stay tuned as I cover my nighttime routine including removing makeup and various face masks.

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