Being Basic 101








Is it that bad to be basic? I don’t think so. Note I am not referring to the Michaels Kors and Uggs type basic (gross) but more like actually basic, basic. Like same ish everyday, following the newest, often dumbest daily trends, being minimalist in the most boring way possible and just basic – near boring. I have no issues with being basic, I originally wanted to name my blog with  something basic in the title. One major ‘basic check mark’ is this whole wearing all black everything scene. No matter the day, time, season, function it just seemed to come from every girls mouth “im just going to wear all black” topped off with the numerous Instagram captions and memes which  kept it going for years. As basic as I may be, I never fell into this black hole-literally. I’ve always loved color and have no shame being in  yellow sweaters or purple thigh high boots. Today,  however I  became that all black outfit level of basic, mind you my pants give off a metallic steel grey vibe so maybe I’m off the hook a little? Ok whatever, I’m still a basic ish in all black. Sue me. But does the basic-ness end there? Oh no no no. I thought  hey okay now I have endless options for makeup but (Pause) the basic gene sunk in further and I landed with  none other than a red lip. All black outfit and a red lip. Original, I know. But hey I really loved how this look turned out so I go back to my original question – it’s not so bad to be basic (once in a while).

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