Goodbye Dark Circles ft. ViiCode Overnight Eye Mask



Dark circles are soo 2016. Seriously, let’s be rid of dark circles and bags for good – and not just play a game of hide and seek with three concealers. Let’s wake up every morning with vibrant, bright eyes and keep it that way permanently. I recently was introduced to the Viicode overnight eye mask that is intended to reduce dark circles. These eye masks are an 8 hour treatment that you wear overnight so you wake up feeling hydrated and plump. I love overnight treatments because while you sleep, your skin is in repair mode, so it is the perfect time to treat any imperfections. There’s a lot of eye masks out there but those are usually super thin gel-like that you only wear for a few minutes, so the results are very minimal. These eye masks are quite thick with a lot of product so it absorbs into your skin all night long and in the morning you notice your skin is hydrated, plumped and full of life. Each box has 6 masks (used 2-3 times a week) and the set of 3 boxes is a complete treatment so get the full benefits.
To use you must have a freshly cleansed face and apply the patches under your eyes (avoid any eye creams or serums in this area). At first it is quite a cooling sensation due to the gel-like material, so you instantly feel relaxed. I like to tap the patch a few times to help the product absorb into your skin. Last step is to close your eyes and sleep tight! (and remove the masks in the morning-duh) I have just finished my first box of masks and have been loving the results!

You can purchase Viicode products on their website,

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This post is sponspored by Viicode however all writing and opinions are my own. 

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