Hair care feat. Conair Straightening Brush





Conair is the real OG in the hair care game.I am sure many can relate as a pre-teen your first hair care products (blow dryer, straightener and curler) were by Conair being a well trusted, reliable brand. As I have expanded my collection into newer and sometimes higher end products I still get excited to see new innovations in the game. So you can only imagine my excitement when I was introduced to the Conair Diamond Infused Straightening Brush. This paddle brush-straightener mixture heats up to 400 degrees with 3 heat levels within 30 seconds  the styling begin on your dry hair.Made up of nylon, silicone and diamond ceramic bristles, the Ionic Straightening brush will smooth out frizz, add shine and give you silky straight hair.

The diamond infused hot paddle brush is so amazing for a numerous of reason:

  • it cuts down styling time from 30-40 mins to 10 minutes (for my hair)
  • with the large paddle it allows me to brush through the back mid scalp- where I usually can’t grip well with a straightener
  • even though it heats up to 400 degrees, the bristles stay warm so you won’t be getting burned and can get as close to your scalp as needed
  • Perfect tool for beginners

No matter how I decide to style my hair whether it is up in a pony/bun, wavy curls or let down straight I need to have a good base to work with, which usually meant I spent the time straightening it to a manageable texture (so annoying).

I usually just brush through my hair and within 10 minutes I have straight, smooth, silky hair. I do a mixture of brushing it over and under the strands and occasionally separate sections for a more perfected look. However if you are looking to have pin straight hair I would use a straightener afterwards to get the look.

Overall I really, really like this brush. I think it’s a great, easy product to use and will cut down your glam time in half- giving you the extra time to perfect that winged liner.






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