Vasanti Cosmetics – Review


Vasanti’s “Brighten up!” exfloliating cleanser has marked a permanent space on my bathroom sink counter as my go to deep cleanser-if you haven’t tried it, I suggest you go out do. When a company impresses me with their skincare, I have high hopes for their makeup line so I was really excited to try out some lip and face products from Vasanti including the power oils lip gloss, matte crush lip pencil, mineral bronzers and kajal waterline eyeliner. So check out my thoughts, pictures, swatches and makeup looks below!


Power Oils Lip Gloss  $22.00

When I was first introduced to this product I was very intrigued because well, OILS! The beauty world has been shook with beauty oils so whenever I see oils in any product, I want all of it. I have been habitually rocking a matte, liquid lipstick on a daily basis so it was going to take a lot for me to convert to a glossy lip.

The first color I tried is “Goddess” which is a dark, vampy, deep purple and WOW.I have to admit it’s quite a bold look but I am OBSESSED. It’s insanely pigmented (one swipe for a full lip of color) and not grossly sticky whatsoever. The gloss, the shine, the glow – it’s all so magical. This is definitely the star of the Vasanti collection (in my eyes). However because it is a dark color it can look streaky so I would suggest a lip color underneath or at least line your lips so there a base color to work off of.  I also tried out “Cebel” a classic nude which is the perfect addition to your everyday nude lips. This one is much darker so it works well on its own.


 “Celeb & Goddess”

Mineral Bronzer $29.00


The mineral bronzers come in a few shades, I have been using the “Sun Peach Glow” (right) for a few months now and it is a really natural, peachy glow that not only gives a glow to your cheeks for also can be swiped all over your face AND also makes an amazing transition shade when doing eye makeup. The other bronzer I tried is the “Brazilian Tan” (left), a completely matte bronzer- I mean it, zero shimmer involved. Being matte it makes a good contour shade for medium skin tones – it is quite dark and pigmented so please do not have a heavy hand or you will look dirty well quickly. A slight sweep with warm up your face and give you a natural, tanned look without the spray tan feel.

Matte Crush Lipstick Pencil $23.00 img_8253

Like I said, I LOVE a matte lip however with winter on it’s way our lips are getting dry and chappy which is never a good look especially with a drying liquid lipstick. The matte crush lipstick pencils are a super smooth, creamy, pigmented, matte (obviously) and have an incredibly easy application- for a change I didn’t have to use a lip liner. They came to a perfect matte finish with very, very minimal transfer yet didn’t seep into my lips which made it a breeze to wipe off at the end of the day. PS the packaging made it even better having written “a little something extra”on the box which included a jumbo sized sharpener – THANK YOU!

Kajal Waterline Eyeliner  $19.00

When I started wearing in makeup in grade 8 all I wore was clear lip glosses and eye liner- a lot of it. For a good 4-5 years that was the extent of my makeup and I guess I overdid it with the eye liner that I my waterline has been blank for years now till now. I forgot how much a black eye liner enhanced your eye shape and tight lining your eyes helped open your eyes and blended in all your eye makeup flawlessly. I have to thank the Vasanti kajal for my return and this is the best product to have done so. Using gel liners get dry and dull but this one is extra creamy, pigmented and made for your waterline so it was so easy to apply without it dripping but it was creamy enough if you wanted to add more to smudge and blend into your shadows.

I read somewhere by tight lining and adding a black liner it makes brown eyes look lighter. The placebo of it makes me believe it but I would love to hear your insights. True or not?

Overall I was highly impressed with all the Vasanti products I have tried and I am always glad to see such high quality products available at the drug store for reasonable prices. So do yourself a favour next time you are at Shoppers Drug Mart and pick up some Vasanti goodies!

You can find Vasanti products at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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