Winter Trousers




There is something so predictable as to when the winter weather arrives, we put away our shorts and pull out all of our denim for the season. If I had it my way, we would never drop 15 degrees (Celsius) and the most I had to cover my legs consisted of thigh high boots but we can discuss my relocation to LA in a different post. As the winter approaches it almost becomes mundane to see everyone in denim – don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of fitted jeans but I rarely find comfort in that for long days. I usually gravitate towards a good trouser, something a bit loose, high waist, flared leg -anything to hide my winter body. The “trouser” seems to get overlooked which came to mind when I read this article about Kendall Jenner’s style – oh and by “article” I am referring to a Snapchat story via MTV listing simple everyday trends we should and can mimic.  Apparently I have a lot in common with Kendall Jenner and this off duty model look-who would have thought? So next time you reach for your denim, change it up for a pair of trousers.


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