GLISS Hair Repair by Schwarzkopf 

“Don’t cut. Choose Repair ” now that’s  a hair slogan I can stand behind (unless you’re fresh out of a breakup and need that change). We put our hair thru a lot to stay trendy, whether it’s constant color changes, chlorine, heated tools and the natural ageing that has its own agenda. Naturally, once we notice breakage and damage in our hair our first instinct is to chop it all off and start over – and there is nothing more annoying than having to patiently watch your hair grow back. 

Schwarzkopf, an incredibly respected name in the hair industry has set such high standards making it a trusted brand for celebrity hair stylists like ambassador Peter Butler who just happens to style Clare Danes,  Kate Upton and many other A list celebrities.  However,  not all of us have the time or money to be at the salon on a weekly basis to repair our damaged hair which brings us to this new line of products. 

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the launch of GLISS where I got to meet Peter Butler, get some hair advice and take a close look at my hair to see the damage it had (it was pretty healthy, yay me). GLISS products are now sold at your local Shoppers Drug Mart which will allow you to get the repair treatment in the comfort of your own home. 

The GLISS hair repair line has come out with 5 different ranges so you can personalize the type of care your hair needs. Each set has a specialized shampoo, conduction and leave in conditioning spray. 

Do you dye you hair and want the color to last longer and stay fresh? The GLISS Color Guard is the best fit for  you which will give you up to 12 weeks of color protection. 

Do you suffer from excessive about of split ends and have long hair? The GLISS Oil Nutritive is a non greasy formula that us made up of 8 beauty oils and keratin to restore from head to tip.  

Do you have fine, flat, lifeless hair? The GLISS extra volume is the perfect fit for you. Enriched with Collagen Complex it repairs from the root to lift up your hair for a weightless volume and bounce finish.  

Do you have dry, stressed hair with a lot of breakage? The GLISS Ultra+ Moisture is the made for you. 

If you are like with fairly healthy hair and no specific concerns then I would choose the GLISS ultimate repair which has 3x more Keratin than the other selections and repairs 10 layers deep. 

I have been solely using this shampoo for the past two months and my hair feels so amazing, looks healthy and shiny. My favorite part of this release is the third step, the Express Repair Conditioner which is a leave in spray that you apply to your towel dry hair. Not only does it smell great but it adds in that extra moisture, protection and strength to your hair until it’s next wash. 

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