I’m Blue





It’s about time eye makeup gets their 15 minutes of fame with me. I have been a nude lip/gloss type girl my whole life and when the Kylie Jenner lip era began I was in a committed relationship with my mauvey nude matte lipsticks. Last year shifted to the year of the lips for me and I did not shy away from the playing with browns, reds, blacks or purples. This year however I have all eyes on my eyes (you know what I mean). The past few months I have been practicing my eye makeup skills, building my collection and adding (a lot of) glitter. This year, well at least the next few months I am forecasting a lot of color, darkness and glitter on the eyes paired with all sorts of nude lips with  extra gloss.

Eye look details:

base: Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon Eye Shadow “Black Diamonds”

shadows: “Danger” & “Blackout”  Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani palette

glitter: Urban Decay Heavy Metal Gitter Liner “Amp”

Image result for urban decay x gwen stefani palette

Image result for urban decay glitter liner amp

Lips: L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paint 314 “Spicy Blush”

Image result for loreal infallible lip paint 314

Check out the full details of this outfit hereeee! 🙂

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