6 Feet Tall






“Make me look skinny with long legs”.  The two reasonable expectations I have from my clothing and photographer. (if you have ever been cursed to photograph me you know the drill and my angles)

So here are some of my secrets to help me believe I have 6 feet long legs and a model thin bod (ha).

  1. Admire models all day, everyday. Visualization is the key to success.
  2. Trick the eye of the beholder by adding a garment to disguise where your legs start. In this case I  have a pair of extra high waisted pants or maybe they aren’t high waisted. Maybe my belly button is right where the pants start. Maybe my legs actually make up two thirds of my body. Nobody knows.
  3. Crop your top. Again by tricking the eyes into believing your torso is ending and legs have started. Side note: strategically placing your mid drift higher than usual helps the cause and God knows you will never see me showing off the muffin top that fails to disappear.

And there you have it. Your average 5 foot 3 inch blogger wishing she was a 6 foot supermodel. Never stop dreaming people!


Top: Express Pants: Simon’s Shoes: Maison Valentino

PS check out my post on this makeup look (heeeerreeeeee)

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