Pink Explosion


Sick days are the worst for a makeup lover, as I have been sitting in bed for a week counting down till I get better and can wear makeup again. Anytime I have a makeup hiatus for more than 3 days I find myself going crazy glam x 100 no matter what the occasion is. Side note – after being sick for weeks in bed, the day  I had an ounce of energy I did a quick run to Whole Foods with a full face of makeup including highlight, contouring, red lips and false lashes.

But on to this day where I had a little more purpose than picking up green juices and organic fruit (little brothers university graduation & NYX event, to be exact). My look consisted of a long, black dress with blush heels which allowed me to be free with my makeup and with the sun shining bright this day I wanted my face to be just as bright and bold. Looks like this remind me as to how much fun and creative makeup can be and it’s always a good idea to switch out of your neutral looks and try something different!


Makeup details below.



  • MAC Lip Liner in “Vino” – filled it most of my lips
  • Molly Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in “Goddess” and blended it all in

Face details:




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