Ripped Tee c/o Kendall Jenner



um, HELLO! It’s been a while since I have done an outfit post so I had to return with a “am I too cool for this world or what?”

There is something so inspiring to me about off duty models street style. With the rise in the “social media supermodel” phenomena, everyday our (my) Instagram feed consists of the Jenners, Hadids, Baldwin’s and a few other models who constantly inspire me. If you are anything like me then you have definitely seen the “destroyed, low cut graphic tee paired with a bralette” look.  The moment I saw this on Kendall Jenner, I knew I had to try it out for myself-even though, damn, it is quite out there and I am definitely not a supermodel.

I picked up a Metallica tee from the menswear section at H&M and had a field day with my scissors. I cut across the neck to keep the neckline (no need to add a choker),  folded the shirt in half to mark the bottom of the cut and to ensure the cut would be centred and somewhat even. I liked it to be a bit messy and jagged and added a few holes around the rest of the shirt and sleeves. I am slightly obsessed with how it turned out, so I think I may have to keep my scissors handy.
And no big deal, just finished the look with these out of this world thigh high lilac esque velvet boots. I thought these were pretty out there but with the weather cooling down and winter approaching, I think this will be a staple this season to freshen up every look. And yes, you will be seeing me wearing this a LOT and I am not apologizing for it. If I can’t have 6 feet long model legs, these boots will have to do.

Until my next Instagram model inspired look, follow me on Instagram @almostfashionable

2 thoughts on “Ripped Tee c/o Kendall Jenner

  1. Love your boots! Do you have your closet on Glamoutfit app? I want to follow you. I’m so curious what you have in your closet.


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