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When it’s 7pm and there’s complete darkness outside, it can only mean one horrible thing – Summer has come to a sad end!  For someone who freezes when she walks into an AC room, sweats in layers and hates pumpkin spices everything, there isn’t many things that excite me about Fall approaching except for makeup trends involving deep, rich, sultry colors. It’s a nice change from the extra bronze glow looks to dark lips and eyes using purples, reds and browns.

It is only fitting we start prepping for Fall makeup with the limited edition Quo Fall Collection that comes with a face palette, eye shadow palette, brow palette, matte lipstick and your essential brushes.

Quo Eye Shadow Palette (Plum Perfect, Clean Sweep, Neutral Ground) $18



Starting with the eyes, Quo has come up with three different palettes; Plum Perfect, Clean Sweep and Neutral Ground. I tried out the “plum perfect” and as the name suggests I assumed the palette would be more heavily focused on plums, purples and mauve shades. Unfortunately at first glance you notice only 3 colors really fit in the color scheme and the rest were more neutrals with silvers and browns. On the upside it does allow you to create neutral looks with a mix of plum looks. The shadows itself were very chalky, minimal pigment (even the darkest shades) making it really difficult to create a bold look. Overall this palette was a bit of a disappointment but hopefully the other palettes has a better payoff.

Quo Face Palette (Sweet Illusion, Perfectly Ordinary) $20


On to a positive note, the face palettes come in two shades; Sweet Illusion and Perfeclty Ordinary.  Each palette with a shimmery bronzer, finishing powder and blush. I got the palette in Perfectly Ordinary that came with a deep mauvey blush, a very soft, almost baby pink sheen finishing powder and a bronzer. The bronzer was very pleasantly surprising to me, it had a cool tone for a change with very minimal shimmer that gave your face a very natural glow without looking orange or a fake tan drenched in glitter. The blush has become my favorite, the color is perfect for Fall looks and it applied and look beautiful on the face. The finishing powder/highlight was a miss for me. It is a baby pink sheen powder that didn’t mesh well with the blush and didn’t give the pop of highlight I prefer.

Quo Brow Palette Raise Your Brows $12


As I am sure you have noticed in my pictures, I have very full brows so there isn’t much shaping or filling in required on my end. I will fill in little sparse areas and add the gel to keep it in place but I thought for this review to show a better look with someone who has to fill in their brows on a daily basis. The darker powder worked really well with good pigment, you did have to dip your brush in many times to get good coverage but overall I think its a good product to fill in areas and help shape your brows and keep in all in tact.

Quo Matte Lipstick (Red Alert, Brandy, Mysterious) $14


My favorite part of every look; the lips. Matte lipsticks are my absolute favorite and that trend is not ending anytime soon. This is my first time trying the Quo lipsticks and I really liked it. It had good pigmentation (only needed one swipe), it was matte but very smooth and not drying on the lips. I liked the “red alert “color, it was a muted red (not too bright or berry or orange) and works very well with everyday makeup looks. The other colors, Brandy and Mysterious look really nice as well, I think “Mysterious” a darker shade of purpler would look great with the plum eye shadow look.

Quo Brush Set Brush Up! $50


This sleek looking brush sets includes five brushes; Liner Brow Brush, Blush Brush, Powder Brush, Foundation Brush, Eye Shadow Brush and a Lip Brush. As any other brush in the market, they gave you a lot more value than what the name suggests.

Powder brush – well, I guess this is technically right but its great for setting your face, brushing off excess powders and applying bronzers/glow to your entire face.

Blush brush – I really liked this brush to apply my contour because it is angled and dense allowing you to create a natural contour without a harsh line

Foundation brush – this is really just a paint brush – so use it to paint on all your foundation (don’t forget to blend it out). I really love this brush to apply face masks evenly without getting my hands all messy.

Lip brush – I think I have used a brush for my lips once, in all my years of makeup application however this small brush is great for shaping around your lips for a precise application. I also like this brush to highlight my brow bone and inner eye.

Liner brow brush – obviously great for gel liners to create the sharpest winged liner known to woman. This would also work great with the brow powders to create natural strokes. My favorite use of his brush is to highlight down my nose with an incredibly tight line!

This limited edition set also comes with a compact zip up case, making it easy to pack and travel with. The bristles are incredibly soft and feel amazing on your skin. It picked up product with ease and allowed me to apply and blend my makeup perfectly. I was very impressed by the brushes and think its a steal for only $50, perfect for anyone who is starting their brush collection and/or only wears minimal makeup.

These products will be available in Shoppers Drug Mart in September 2016.

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