Esqido Launch at Holt Renfrew








Big City Nights. BFF. Unforgettable.Voila! That sums up the perfect life, agreed? If you are as lash obsessed as I am than you definitely recognize these names from the Esqido Lashes collection. But in the rare case you are stressing your lashes with 6 coats of 4 different mascara’s then its time to officially introduce you to Esqido- I promise this will be a long term relationship.

Esqido lashes are made of naturally shed mink hairs on a cotton band that come in so many different styles making it easy to find the perfect pair for every occasion, eye shape and personal preference. They offer a mini quiz on their website that help you narrow down the perfect lashes for you! ( The lashes range from $38-45 which may seem steep at first glance however, these are not your drug store lashes. These lashes are high quality, lightweight, natural looking and last up to 25 times! 25! So mathematically speaking these cost you less than $2 per wear-hello bargain. Not to mention Esqido lashes are seen on all your favorite YouTube beauty gurus from my all time fav, Jaclyn Hill to Victoria Secret Models like Adriana Lima and Gigi Hadid and used by celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta.

So now if there website, pop up shops and various beauty shows (ie. IMATS) weren’t accessible enough for you, Esqido Lashes has now officially become a permanent resident at Holt Renfrew. Last week we attended the launch event at the Yorkdale location to see the Esqido lash lounge set up fully equipped with selected lashes, their world famous latex free lash glue and goodies for all the attendees.  All the lashes were on display on a clear spooly that allowed you to place it on your lash line and choose which lashes suited you the best. I picked up the Voila Lash (one of their most dramatic pairs) and had them applied at the event. I was pleasantly surprised as to how lightweight they felt on for the entire night without budging or popping off. Special mention to the Esqido Companion glue which is honestly the best eyelash glue I have ever tried. Firstly it comes in a sleek package with a brush on tip that allows you to gently and evenly add glue to your lashes, it dries so instantly and kept tacky all night without any problems.

This may be my favorite lash company and I am super excited to add a few more pairs to my collection and I suggest you get to your local Holt Renfrew immediately and try them out for yourselves!

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